Community Service Navigators

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In 2012, county-wide listening sessions showed that Buncombe County citizens faced multiple barriers when they needed access to help or services. Identified barriers were: un- or under-insurance, locating or accessing services due to lack of information and transportation and the absence of culturally responsive services. The sessions also illustrated that across the board, citizens turned to someone they trusted in their community when they needed help i.In response to this need, the Community Service Navigator initiative were created to:
  • Connect people with Buncombe County Health and Human Services
  • Strengthen a community’s capacity to help meet citizen needs
  • Identify, mobilize and leverage unique community assets
  • Empower citizens and communities as change agents to promote positive outcomes
  • Build and enhance collaborative partnerships
  • Reduce over utilization of more costly services
In partnership with Buncombe County Health and Human Services and through individualized contracts with community-based organizations, in Fiscal Year 2015, the Community Service Navigator program will have representatives located in the following areas
  • North Buncombe (Barnardsville)
  • South Buncombe (Arden)
  • East Buncombe (Black Mountain)
  • West Buncombe (Candler)
  • Central Buncombe (Asheville)
If you have questions about the Community Service Navigator Program, please contact us at

i Source: Tell Us What You Think!: Understanding the Strengths and Needs of Buncombe County Communitites. Sparrow Research Group, June 2012